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Who Are We?

Tafani Ghana Limited was established in the year 1988, starting with the trade of large home appliances into the Ghanaian market. Over the years, Tafani Ghana Limited has evolved into the marketing of GPS for visualized and geospatial analysis for all kinds of vehicles.

Manage Your Fleet in Real-time

Manage Your Fleet in Real-time

Track and manage any object in real time on your PC or phone. This includes: cars, buses, motorcycles, services, deliveries, heavy-duty trucks, taxis, cargo, construction equipment, etc.

Save money

Customers of Tafani Ghana Limited's tracking software see a return on investment immediately. With our fleet management solutions, you can monitor and streamline labor costs and reduce it by almost 40%.

Works With Any Tracker

Tafani Ghana Limited has years of experience working with multiple GPS fleet tracking trackers (2G/3G/4G) and supports various sensors, parameters, and features of any modern GPS tracker today. Furthermore, we can integrate any new or custom GPS tracker of your choice.




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