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About Us

Tafani Ghana Limited was established in the year 1988, starting with the trade of large home appliances into the Ghanaian market. Over the years, Tafani Ghana Limited has evolved into the marketing of GPS for visualized and geospatial analysis for all kinds of vehicles.

Our Vision

- To introduce visualization and geospatial analysis over GPS.
- To advocate the importance of GPS systems.
- To provide an affordable GPS platform.


To ensure a secure ability to maintain a competitive advantage for our clients throughout the market of having an optimum standard of high quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our Values

- Optimum professionalism, empathy, and consciousness of time.
- Honesty and selfless dedication to our work.
- High sense of business ethics and customer care.
- Constant update of knowledge to sustain customer satisfaction.
- Positive and long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.