Myths about tracking:

My company is too small to use tracking

Whenever you have more than one operating a vehicle - you have enough traffic management systems installed . Regardless of the vehicle and content, management system provides time and money savings, and felt the effect immediately.

My company can’t afford a GPS tracking system

Cost is an understandable concern. GPS tracking systems typically require an investment in hardware for each vehicle and a monthly fee for data and wireless services. However, these systems identified inefficiencies and practices in the field that already cost companies hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month: excess overtime, inefficient routing, side trips, excess engine idling, reckless driving, etc. The cost of these inefficiencies often exceeds the monthly investment required for a GPS tracking service. Most fleet achieve a return on investment within the first few months of using the system, due to savings in overtime costs, fuel expenditures, lower insurance premiums, reduced vehicle maintenance, and more.

All our drivers will quit if we get GPS tracking

Experience with thousands of customers contradicts this belief. In fact, once field employees gain experience with GPS tracking, they depend on it for routing information, roadside assistance, verification of work performed on time, etc. In many cases, GPS tracking eliminates time-consuming paperwork and provides additional security for both drivers and cargo while on the road.

“Our guys have adapted very well to the system. We didn’t have anybody leave, and now the drivers are starting to realize the benefits of the system for them,” said Clay Phillips, president, Ross & Witmer HVAC, Charlotte, N.C.

GPS tracking is unnecessary

"I can track my fleet well enough using cell phones/handhelds." Though useful as communication tools, cell phones/handhelds cannot provide information useful to fleet managers: real-time vehicle location, engine status, history of stops and stop times, and other valuable metrics, such as mileage, fuel consumption, or speeding patterns. Cell phones and handhelds can be turned off easily, not carried in the vehicle, dropped/damaged, etc. Even when cell phones are functioning correctly, they track people rather than mobile assets.

All transport management system equal:

And yes and no. They are really all the same, if we see them as small black boxes and display a map. This is the basis for these systems. However, there are a plethora of additional features that we develop systems stand out from the rest. In other proposed basic machines tracking and route tracking features, we also offer a vehicle on-board computer information storage, driving habits and style analysis.

TrustTrack a vehicle tracking and control system, which allows businesses to track their vehicles in real time and ensure productivity. Although the tracking system is not new, but the modern software as TrustTrack can really impress your potential.